Remote monitoring
Xylem Xylem PIMS Clean Water telemetry ensures that if a problem develops in a water booster set, it can be fixed before it causes major inconvenience. Our nationwide remote monitoring service is a cost-effective alternative to having a building manager on duty 24 hours a day. Xylem Faults trigger TXT
Mobile phone technology provides the backbone of round-the-clock monitoring for booster sets. Mechanical and electrical sensors detect faults and immediately send details in a text message to our 24/7 emergency response centre. So if there is a power supply problem or a plumbing blockage we can quickly arrange an appropriate response.

Our engineers can also reset a tripped pump remotely, so one of the most common faults with pumps can be fixed before you realise you have a problem. More importantly, a simple problem like this does not significantly affect the supply of water throughout the premises.
PIMS remote monitoring
Xylem 24/7 electronic monitoring nationwide
Xylem GSM based system
Xylem Immediate notice of mechanical and electrical faults
Xylem Significantly reduces risk of interrupted water supply
Xylem Remote resetting after common faults
Emergency call out hotline 0800 009 3611