Water and environmental testing
Xylem Xylem PIMS Clean Water Division offers a comprehensive sampling and health quality testing service to ensure that the water you deliver to your users meets all standard requirements for drinking water and is free from dangerous bacteria that could potentially cause serious health concerns. Xylem Responsible approach to purity
Bacterial problems such as Legionnaire’s disease and E-coli incidents have focused the public’s attention on the importance of water purity. As a result, regular microbiological tests on water supplies are an essential responsibility for any provider, from water utility companies to owners of multi-occupant buildings.

Our samples are analysed by highly qualified microbiologists working in first class laboratories; if they give your water the all clear, you can be sure it’s good to drink. If a problem is discovered, we can work with you to sort it out quickly and efficiently, so you don’t put your users at risk.
PIMS water testing
Xylem ACOP L8 (Legionella) testing
Xylem TVC (Total Viable Count) testing
Xylem Total and faecal coliform testing
Xylem Cold water storage tank tests
Xylem Water risk assessments
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